02 Dec 2017

As of November 30th we got the donation system working again!

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By Void

Terms of Service

Donor Weapons aren't able to be dropped. If you find an exploit to drop them and share then you will be punished and/or banned. Exploiting is against the rules. You're giving donator only items to people that didn't pay for them and you are taking money away from the server and value away from the items.

The Panel

"The service", "The panel", "This panel" refers to this donation platform on this specific domain and may not be confused as something else.   

Community name

"Us", "We", "Our", "The community" all refers to Community name as a group, as a community. We are not responsible for any mistakes you may have made with our service.  


We do not offer refunds unless we deem you deserve one, as in; If we, the owners, or the service make a mistake we will refund you based upon a descision made there and then. Otherwise refunds are not a thing.